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Be our business partner

If you are interested to work with us, we are more than happy to share with you the potential of earning extra money through this partnership.

A business partner – could be you or your company, would identify and secure a suitable location for placement of our vending machine. We will evaluate that location for suitability before entering into an agreement. Criteria that matters are people traffic, security, environment and distance from our operation center in Shah Alam.

Upon entering into an agreement, business partner will pay a rental of available machine which will be placed at the agreed location and fully operated by us including provision of manpower, vehicle, equipment and consumables. Depending on the actual sales, we will provide you a sales report with the profit deposited into you bank account on monthly basis.

Earn substantial profit from your investment through our machine “lease and sell” program. Find out more and be our business partner with customized plan to suit your need.

As much as we care about profit and loss, we value more on good business relationship between you and us. Therefore, our proposal is fully customizable and negotiable to fulfill need of both parties. We will prescribe business plan with fairness in mind – a win-win proposition.

Send us an inquiry for further information.