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Juice Box

Juice Box


Encourage a healthier lifestyle and offer an alternative to the standard can and bottle vendor with the JuiceBox

The JuiceBox is a revolutionary self-serve concept that delivers a delicious range of 100% pure fruit juices with no added sugars, preservatives or additives. We press the juice from the fruit, remove all the water and once your selection has been made the JuiceBox adds high quality freshly filtered water back into the product for the perfect pure fruit juice drink.

  • Re-hydrate your staff, customers and pupils with an unlimited supply of 100% pure fruit juices and pure still water at the touch of a button
  • Encourage a healthy workforce to get one of their 5 a day
  • Provide a cost-effective, healthy alternative to traditional water coolers and can vendors
  • High capacity filters and flash cooling technology ensures a constant supply of fruit juice and water in high volume public sites

  • Low-energy, long-life LED lighting with over 50,000 hours mean no-more fluorescent light tubes to replace
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible
  • H20’s flash cooling system means power is only consumed when a water selection is made – no more permanent refrigerated tanks or gas compressors consuming electricity 24 hours a day
  • All machines delivered in re-useable cases; packaging-free in the UK manufacturing means shorter logistic paths resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
  • Extra-large water filters
  • Use your own cups, bottle or jugs and reduce waste, packaging, and ultimately; cost
  • No need for bottled water deliveries reducing associated service costs and carbon emissions

Low maintenance

The low maintenance qualities of the JuiceBox are very popular with facilities managers. The easy-to-clean drink system means little fuss and less operator time.

Healthier and safer

The compact, aseptically sealed bag-in-box system combined with the mains fed UV filtered water means no heavy lifting – the JuiceBox mains-fed water cooler takes the water straight from the mains and filters it removing all contaminants before your pure fruit juice is made.


The only space you need for a JuiceBox is 71cm x 69.5cm; no trolley loads of bottles or empties are required.

  • Advanced ultraviolet (UV) water sanitisation system ensures water is free from impurities and removes any worries about mains water quality
  • In-built Brita or 3M filters remove scale deposits, maintain PH neutral and remove unpleasant tastes and odours for a higher drink quality
  • Flash cooling technology only chills water when a drink selection is actually made
  • Cup sensor allows filling of cups, 500ml bottles and jugs
  • Extra large 630 automatic cup-dropper (with 7oz or 9oz plastic cups): no more unsightly cup holders!
  • Simple menu-driven programming and robust design mean the JuiceBox is easy to set up and maintain
  • Three fruit juices are available; Orange, Apple and Blackcurrant and Apple
  • Measure trends and monitor performance using USB or telemetry technology

Vending operators

With eye-catching back-lit and full door graphics the JuiceBox is guaranteed to be a popular edition to your chilled beverage service.

Cup Capacity 400 – 630 depending on cup size
Electrical Services 230V, 50Hz 13 amp single phase power supply
Water Services 15mm BSP from rising main
Water Pressure 138 – 828 kpa
Dimensions 1830H x 710W x 695D (mm)
Minimum distance from back wall 100 (mm)
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