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Snack Point Range

Snack Point Range

The SnackPoint range serves chilled food, snacks and drinks, that stay cool in any conditions

Ordinary snack vending machines maintain a cabinet temperature based on the external temperature of the machine location. This means that when the outside temperature rises, snacks and confectionery can become damaged or inedible.

In hot conditions you need chilled refreshment and the SnackPoint range won’t let you down.

Its total temperature control system with superior insulation and refrigeration means that variation in cabinet temperature is minimal in conditions of up to 32°C and 65% humidity – and that’s hot!

  • Chilled snacks and food, whatever the temperature
  • Food safety ‘health control’ thermostat on the SnackPoint Duo prevents vending if cabinet temperature rises

Vandal proof snack vending machines for any location

  • Super strength cabinet is ideal for heavy use locations such as night clubs, leisure centres, hospitals, airports, schools etc
  • Anti-pry door surround and vandal resistant keypad, protect from vanadalism
  • Cabinet locks for added security
  • Cater for any location, 24 hours a day
  • High capacity cabinets for high volume vending
  • Choose from four cabinet sizes to suit your location
  • Configure to vend numerous snack and drink combinations
  • Stock combinations of bagged snacks, chocolate and cereal bars, sandwiches, wraps or pasties
  • Stock bottled drinks and cans, all stored in an upright position

Vend leisure and workplace products

The SnackPoint vending machines are also versatile. They can be adapted to vend a wide variety of leisure products, including umbrellas, cosmetics, tennis balls, sun cream and so on. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

SnackPoint vending machines consume between 30% – 40% less power than that of a typical snack merchandiser. Lower running costs over the life of a machine save you money and also help the environment.

Unlike traditional snack vending machines which waste energy chilling and re-circulating air throughout the whole cabinet interior, the SnackPoint range delivers chilled air exactly where it is needed, around the products from patented side elevations.This means the refrigeration unit doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in reduced running costs and valuable energy savings.

Also, because there is no dramatic change in temperature on the glass, condensation is dramatically reduced leaving product visibility is second to none.

  • Magnetic sealed door means the refrigeration unit doesn’t have to work as hard, minimizing power consumption
  • Foam-injected cabinet and triple glazed front panel gives extra insulation and saves energy
  • Near silent, super-efficient patented air flow side elevations deliver cold air directly to products
  • In-built energy management system automatically turns off machine at your scheduled downtimes such as evenings and weekends
  • Low energy, LED lighting lasts up to five years, no more fluorescent light tubes to replace.
  • Standard features on all machines

    Man filling the machine

    Near-silent refrigeration system – perfect for offices and noise-sensitive locations

    • Triple glazed window for total temperature control
    • SecureVend – guaranteed dispense or your money returned for guaranteed customer satisfaction
    • Anti-pry door surround and vandal resistant keypad
    • Slimline machine depth for easy doorway access
    • Slide-in/slide-out refrigeration unit for easy routine maintenance
    • Tilting upper product trays for ease of loading
    • Louvered plinth
    • In-built RS232 Printer Port
    • In-built EVA-DTS audit protocol
    • Auto-self diagnostic control system
    • Timed programmable periods

    SnackPoint Quattro and Quinto features

    The Snackpoint Quattro and Quinto stand out from the crowd, with extruded door profiles, dual illuminated window and blue LCD lighting.

    The internal cabinet temperature can be pre-set between 6 and 12°C ensuring your products are chilled to perfection when selections are made.

    NEW SnackPoint Quattro MAX and Quinto MAX 

    SnackPoint Quattro MAX and Quinto MAX

    The Snackpoint Quattro and Quinto are now available in a MAX version which houses a ‘snack, can and bottle’ sehelving configuration as standard on a single temperature machine. Give us a call for more information +44(0)1626 323100

    Quattro and Quinto Features

    • Two machine sizes available – 32 or 40 selections
    • Extra large glass area ensuring all products are easily visable.
    • 4-line point-of-sale message display
    • V-shaped delivery compartment for ease of product collection
    • All models only 800mm deep

    Optional Accessories

    • MDB cashless payment system
    • MDB change giving coin mechanism
    • Front-facing sandwich tray available on Duo machines
    • Lockable cash box
    • Infra-red data retrieval module
    • Floor mounted anchoring kit

Item Capacity 318 394 372 464
Cabinet temperature Upper section 9 – 14°C
Lower section 3°C
Min 6°C Min 6°C
Height (mm) 1830 1830 1830 1830
Width (mm) 910 1060 900 1050
Depth with door (mm) 790 790 790 790
Depth with door removed (mm) 740 740 740 740
Minimum siting distance from backwall to rear of cabinet (mm)  100 100 100 100
Weight   270kg 340kg 260kg 330kg
Electricity supply 230V +/- 10%


230V +/- 10%


230V +/- 10%


230V +/- 10%


Power consumption watt/hr 228W 228W 210W 210W
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