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Snack Point Trio

Snack Point Trio

Combining style with function and versatility, the SnackPoint Trio is literally two machines in one.

With two separate temperature zones, the lower cool zone chills cans and bottles to perfection while the upper zone – a few degrees warmer – is perfect for snacks, chocolate and grab-bags.

Innovative revolving delivery
pocket means no more
stooping and searching
for products in hard to reach

If you’re looking to offer just snacks and confectionery, the Trio can be transformed into a single temperature machine almost at the touch of a button; without the need for additional dividers and tools!

Trio for snacks

  • Tempting bagged-snacks such as crisps, dried fruit or nuts
  • Indulgent chocolate bars
  • Nutritious cereal-based snacks or biscuits

Trio for beverages

  • All merchandised in an upright position
  • 500ml bottles of mineral water and carbonates
  • Thirst-quenching fruit juices and healthy smoothies
  • Stimulating canned and isotonic beverages
  • Tetra-packed yoghurt drinks and milk-shakes

And for a complete, one-stop refreshment service, why not bank a Trio with a Sigma hot beverage machine.

  • Conscious about energy consumption? The ultra-efficient Trio consumes just 255 watts per hour.
  • Cabinet temperature can be programmed to 10 degrees which limits power consumption to just 174 watts per hour; saving an extra 709 kw per year!
  • Patented side elevations deliver cool air directly to the products, so the refrigeration unit doesn’t have to work as hard – saving valuable energy
  • Low-energy, 30,000 hour long-life LED internal lighting means no more fluorescent tubes to replace
  • In-built energy management system automatically turns off the machine at your choice of scheduled down-times such as evenings and weekends
  • Revolving delivery pocket isolates products from the dispense area reducing heat transfer
  • Unique product delivery pocket locks into place when not in use and isolates the cabinet interior from the product dispense area – reducing the risk of theft and vandalism
  • Lightweight product shelves and a convenient two-piece door design mean stock replenishment is an absolute breeze
  • Generous internal machine dimensions mean 500ml bottles can be displayed in an upright and easy-to-read position
  • Choose from cash, cashless or free-vend payment mechanisms
  • Near-silent, slide-out refrigeration system (accessible via the front of the machine) for easy routine maintenance and servicing
  • The Trio is already super-slim but if machine access is a real issue, the payment module of the machine is designed to be demountable
  • In-built sensor ensures products are vended every-time for guaranteed customer satisfaction
Item Description
Wireless telemetry & USB audit module Optional
Colour Silver fascia matt black delivery pocket Standard
Display 2 line LCD instruction display Standard
Graphics ‘Lozenge’ window graphics Standard
Lock Locking system and key Standard
Coin payment system Optional
Lockable cashbox Optional
Cashless payment system or MDB change-giver Optional
Secure Vend In-built secure-vend feature
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