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Solo Encore

Solo Encore

Café style menu choices, in a stylish, affordable hot drinks machine

  • Compact design suits modern offices that are short on space
  • Fast drink selection makes it perfect for busy areas
  • High specification vending machine, built to last
  • Easy to clean design for simple day-to-day maintenance
  • Wide choice of great tasting café style drinks menu options
  • Clear drink descriptions, for fast easy drink selections
  • Authentic Italian-style bean-to-cup coffee including cappuccino, café latte and double espresso
  • Wide choice of drink options including two instant coffees (regular and decaf ), freshbrew tea, chocolate, soup or even low cal chocolate?
  • Available as a single freshbrew model
  • Personalize drinks like they taste “at home” with adjustable strength, whitener and sugar levels
  • Up to two chilled still or sparkling flavoured drinks
  • Ingredient pulsing ensures consistent mixing and optimum drink quality
  • Optional UV and Brita filter kit removes any worries about mains water quality
  • Use your own tableware
  • Cup sensor allows you to use your own cup or mug

All Solo Encore models are fitted with an innovative Energy Saver system which reduces power consumption by up to 30% during quiet or inactive periods. Saves you money and helps protect the environment too.

Easi-fit graphics mean that you can change the look and message on a Solo Encore as often as you like. We can produce designs for your graphic panels, or use corporate branding or house styles.

  • Large 550 cup capacity (depending on cup size)
  • Bean to cup coffee and fresh brew tea
  • Hot and cold drinks options
  • Energy management system
  • Compact space-saving foot-print
  • Optional hot water rinse hose – routine cleaning made simple

Standard Features

  • Energy Management System
  • Free/Discount Timed Periods
  • Blue LCD Display
  • Customer interface under 1.3m high for disabled use
  • Ability to offer paper cups
  • No Cup Option
  • Louvered Plinth

Optional Features

  • UV & Brita Filtration System
  • Cup Sensor and Stand
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Infra Red Audit Module Activation
  • MDB Payment System
  • Hot Water Rinse Hose
Electrical Services 230V AC +/- 10%


13 amp single phase power supply

Water Services 15mm BSP from rising main
Water Pressure 138kpa (1.37 Bar) min – 828kpa (8.27 Bar) max
Machine Size Height – 1830mm
Width – 710mm
Depth (inc. door) – 695mm
Maximum Weight 185KG approx (Hot and cold model)
Minimum siting distance from back wall to rear of cabinet 100mm (4”)
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