Our Services For You

To suit your need, we provide service tailored to specification of your preference.

1. Operate and Maintain Your Coffee / Vending Machine
As we supply our premium vending machine, we also provide service to operate and maintain your vending machine at your predefined location* and if required, we also supply our selected quality ingredients which will guarantee high drink standard.
Let us do the hard work while you observe and plan for growth.
*Within Klang Valley only.

2. Make use of your empty spot!
Shop owners, facilities managers or any asset owner who want to lease out their spot (1 meter x 1 meter) for us to place our coffee machines, let us know and we will make attractive monthly payment to you. Yes, you’ll attract more customer to your premise on top of getting monthly secured income.

3. Rental of Vending Machine
Considering treating your grand dinner guess with premium drinks? Or providing such facility to your staffs in your office buildings (Caffeine do increase productivity!)? We provide rental service, short term (daily, weekly, monthly) and long term (annually) i.e. we will deliver our coffee vending machine to your place for your guess / staffs to enjoy. Drinks can be dispensed freely or through cashless payment system e.g. staff pass ID card. You can also rent our machines at your place and make sales for your profit. Again, let us do the hard work while you observe and plan for something else.

4. Training of Vending Machine Operator
If you wish to start your own vending services, we will provide training for you to set up a reliable vending machine operator team.

5. Supply of Vending Machine Parts and Ingredients
Upon ordering, we will advise lead time for delivery of genuine machine parts and ingredients and deliver accordingly.

Any enquiry, feel free to contact us as we will surely attend you accordingly.